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Master Instructors
Master Larry Tatum,
10th Degree Black

Jill Tatum,
8th Degree Black

William Glenn,
7th Degree Black

Carlos Alvarez,
3rd Degree Black
Vega Sherman,
1st Degree Black

Robert Robertson,
6th Degree Black

Alec Sarkisov,
1st Degree Black

1st Degree Black

Master Larry Tatum has personally trained each instructor and hand picked them for teaching. Each instructor knows and under-stands the reasons why an individual enrolls for lessons. The instructor’s approach is courteous, caring and motivated to help the student reach their goals.

Jill Tatum has taught along side Master Tatum for all their live's together and is the best teacher he has ever seen give a lesson... she also is a counselor to many in the kenpo world as well as outside the kenpo commodity. She produced and directed all of Master Tatum's DVD's, over 76 of them. She has also traveled with him on seminars and has given her own seminars on their tours.... students of kenpo have given her standing ovations after her classes.
Jay Krishner
5th Degree Black
Justin Barra,
3rd Degree Black

Bing Yeh,
1st Degree Black

Adam Parth,
3rd Degree Brown

Ashton Eidem,
3rd Degree Brown

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