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Adhering to our Beliefs

Recently we were contacted by the largest charter school system in California. They asked me if they could included our school in their curriculum and send students to our school for training.

They new of our record through out the years teaching students of all ages and they were so impressed they wanted us to be a big part of their program.

They said we would have to be vetted and that they would send the paper work. At first glance this look good for our school. As we were reading the proposed agreement we came to a clause that said we could not use the word GOD in our school or any other form of religious values of any kind.

This was because the charter was using state funding.. Now we don't teach religion but as a private school and business I reserve the right to (Consitionual) teach GOD in my school. They also said we could not put up a Christmas tree in our school and a host of other things if we just signed the vetting paper work. My wife and I looked at each other and at the same time said we will not deny GOD for any reason. We love and teach everyone from all walks of life not because government tells us to but because we choose to.

We will not be sighing to add them to our school.

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