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7th Degree Kenpoist Jill Tatum has been accompanying Mr. Tatum around the world, with her unique method of helping Kenpoist find their center in the Art of Kenpo by teaching them how to control, and synchronize breathe with body and mind, harness their chi, and how to take inventory of themselves through understanding body awareness. Jill teaches that by following and focusing your Kenpo on certain patterns in the Universal pattern you can unite your body and mind and bring your sub conscious to surface so that you become aware of yourself in such a way that many have described as euphoric. Many Students of all ranks have expressed that after being in one of her classes, minor and severe muscular pains have vanished. Many have reported that their lower back pain has left them for the first time in many years. Many have stated that they become more limber, can kick better, keep better balance, create new muscle memory, and have keener target focus.

Harnessing your Chi & Meditational Stretch

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