Home Study Course

,       Welcome to Larry Tatum's American Kenpo Home Study Course.

The Home Study Course is Designed to allow Kenpo enthusiast to be able to train in the privacy of their home.

Because of logistics or time restraints, many people like yourself are unable to attend a Kenpo School. With this in mind Mr. Tatum designed the Home Study Course to meet your needs.

How the Program works.
First you need to get the Homes Study Course DVD's. These DVD's have all the American Kenpo material to take you from Yellow Belt through 5th Degree Black Belt.

Each DVD is taught by Master Tatum in a step by step format to make learning American Kenpo easy and enjoyable.

You will not only learn the Required Self Defense Techniques for each Belt level but you will also learn how to explode with the power and speed unique to Kenpo that make these techniques work for you. Mr. Tatum brings his over 40 years of experience to your screen with insight into the Art that has made him an icon in his field.

Here is an example of how to set up your Home Study Course.
If you are new to the Art of Kenpo then you would want to start at Yellow Belt. Yellow Belt has 10 Self Defense Techniques, each one for a different situation that could arise on the street. Yellow Belt also has a Form or know as a Kata. A From is no more than basic's, such as Blocks and Foot Maneuvers arranged in a dance like pattern to help build coordination and continuity with your Basic's in this case your Basic Blocks. This is Called Short Form One. You will also need Blocking Set One and 10 Sparing Techniques.

Now these are the required American Kenpo Techniques for your first Belt. To support this Belt level we suggest that you also get the first five Basic DVD's, Basic Stances, Basic Blocks, Dynamic Hand Strikes, Stances and Foot Maneuvers and Dynamic Kicks. These Five Basic DVD'S will support you through Orange Belt,(the only DVD you would need at Orange Belt would be the Orange Belt Self Defense Techniques.

How to Test
When you have a working knowledge of the required techniques you then demonstrate them on a home DVD or VHS with an assistant at street speed and power while executing control. SEE AN EXAMPLE OF A HOME TEST. (10meg mpeg)

You then send your home DVD or VHS to Mr. Tatum and he will grade it at his school in Pasadena CA.

As you progress through your training you will be in contact with Mr. Tatum by E-Mail and or phone to help you with any questions regarding your training. Upon a thorough examination of your test and Mr. Tatum feels you are ready to move on to the next belt level you will then be promoted with a Belt and Certificate of Rank sighed by Master Tatum. Time needed to study between belt Ranks can be discussed with Mr. Tatum.  
For those who would like to come to Pasadena or one of Mr. Tatum's affiliated schools to test you are more than welcome to do so.

Through out the year Mr. Tatum has functions such as Tournaments, Seminars and Kenpo Camps where you are always invited to share in the knowledge of the Art and also to take that time to test in person with Master Tatum. This is a great way to test if you are on the Home Study Course.

Now for those who have already trained in American Kenpo or have studied a different Martial Art Mr. Tatum will help you tailor the Home Study Course to meet your needs as well.

For more information on testing fees and tailored programs just call 626-796-4029 and Mr. Tatum or one of his representative will help you in getting started in one of the most prestigious Kenpo Karate Home Study Programs in the world.